About Us


Our Experience

PT Security Services is a Northern Ireland based Security Services, Risk Management and Training Company, experienced in working throughout the world. We are unique, providing a total spectrum of requirement from our integrated services. We work globally with multi-national clients from many different sectors, delivering services to enable customer risks to be minimised and their opportunities maximised.


Our Approach

  PT Security Services has an economic, political and cultural understanding, coupled with a reconciliatory approach. The core values underpinning our operating philosophy are:

· the provision of international best practice, while conducting all activities with respect for people, cultures and traditions;

· to uphold the principles of integrity, reliability and trust;

· to build capacity through knowledge transfer and to strengthen and empower local economies and communities.


Why Us?

PT Security Services is managed by highly professional, experienced and qualified personnel, who have unsurpassed knowledge of security services, risk management and training services.  PT Security Services is thus able to deal effectively with current and developing requirements in any environment, through force packaged and specialist skill sets.